TMS Robot Pro-ROB

YINGCHI TMS Robot Pro-ROB is the intelligent navigation robot system integrating medical imaging technology, image processing technology, positioning and navigation technology, intelligent robot technology and transcranial magnetic stimulation technology, which can provide advanced precise positioning and navigation services for TMS technology.

TMS Robot Pro-ROB

Product Characteristics

Intelligent Track

Precise Feedback of Force
Six-axis force feedback sensor accurate to 1N ensures the safety of robot’s intelligent positioning and following motion.

Intelligent Track
The integrated near-infrared binocular vision positioning technology and the intelligent follow-up system of the collaborative robot ensure that each pulse is stimulated to the same target, and achieve accurate repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Multi-Target Stimulation/Automatic MT Detection

Multi-target Stimulation
It can automatically locate the target points for stimulation according to the preset plan, and meet the stimulation treatment plan of multiple areas of the brain.

Automatic MT Detection
Built-in smart queue stimulation mode, can complete MEP detection with one key, improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

Clinical Problems Solving

Complexity of Cognitive Neural Research
It can quickly help solve the problem of brain functional connectivity research (structural connectivity and functional connectivity), and it is easier to explore the correlation degree of BOLD sequences in two different brain regions in the time dimension.

Low Accuracy of Stimulation Target
It can effectively solve the problems of large individual differences in brain functional areas, inaccurate division of brain functional areas, different brain sizes, and different individual motor thresholds.

Difficulty in Operation of Positioning
It can effectively solve the problems of difficulty in positioning for the first treatment, deviation of the operator's hand-held coil angle, and "off-target" caused by the movement of the patient's head during the treatment process.

Insufficient Authority of Treatment Protocols
The built-in treatment protocols have authoritative and reliable evidence, which guarantees the effect of the treatment.

Non-evaluability of the Efficacy
It can effectively solve the problems that repeated treatment cannot ensure the same target of stimulation, and the stimulation effect cannot be feedback in real time.

Low-efficiency of Treatment
It can effectively solve the limitations of the treatment effect of a single coil, and the errors caused by the hand-held operation process that affect the treatment effect of patients.

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