YINGCHI TMS On-site Course in Spain

Release time :2022-05-09



In the first week of Mental Health Awareness Month, our partner Machine TMS Rental held the first TMS Course in May at Tenerife, Spain, and brought wonderful speeches to many participants. Each student has tried to operate YINGCHI TMS machine by themselves and learned to measure the motor threshold as well as how to treat patients.

the first TMS Course
operate YINGCHI TMS machine
operate YINGCHI TMS machine

The YINGCHI M-100 TMS has impressed the trainees with its modern and practical design, user-friendly software and easy-to-operate coils.


The course lasts for three days, and they have even invited real patients to experience TMS stimulation. Through this training, each participant has gained a very deep understanding of TMS and felt very satisfied with the course. They are looking forward to attending more similar courses in the future.
Machine TMS Rental will continue to hold TMS on-site courses in Madrid in June. If you are interested, please feel free to contact machinetmsrental@gmail.com

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