YINGCHI TMS—the New Generation of TMS Products

Release time :2022-11-10



TMS equipment is a device that uses high-voltage energy storage capacitors to instantaneously discharge magnetic field coils to generate pulsed magnetic fields that act on the nervous system to generate stimulation. Common TMS equipment currently used for treatment mainly includes three parts: stimulator, stimulation coil, and cooling system.

The performance of  YINGCHI TMS stimulation generator has been upgraded again. It has super-strong magnetic field output performance. In addition to satisfying the regulation of the central nervous system, it can also meet the continuous stimulation of high-frequency and high-intensity peripheral nerves. The stimulation stimulator adopts high-sensitivity touch sensing technology, and the output intensity has a custom fade-in and fade-out function, which is in line with the subject's somatosensory adjustment mechanism.  YINGCHI TMS stimulation coil is optional. The effective stimulation depth of the double cone coil is about 4cm, which can stimulate deeper brain areas other than the cerebral cortex.YINGCHI TMS adopts the fourth-generation intelligent liquid cooling technology, actively cooling, and can independently select a variety of cooling modes (high-efficiency, normal, energy-saving), and the temperature of the cooling liquid can be lowered below the ambient temperature, adapting to different application scenarios and meeting different treatment needs .


Hardware of YINGCHI TMS

All round upgraded stimulator unit

E series stimulator

High stimulation frequency: The E series stimulator allows performing stimulation at up to 100 Hz frequency and 35Hz at 100% output without extra power supply.
In addition to satisfying the central nervous system modulation, it can also meet the high-frequency and high-intensity continuous peripheral stimulation.
Intuitive interface: with touch screen, it is easy to adjust the stimulation parameters and select protocols.

Innovative liquid cooling system

cooling technology

The IV generation cooling technology: allows continuous pulses during high frequency&intensity rTMS session.
Multiple modes of cooling: there are energy-saving mode, standard mode and efficient mode which can auto-set according to different scenes.
Zero-maintenance: one click to replace liquid if need.

Wide variety of coils of TMS equipment

A variety of coils of  TMS equipment  are available such as circular coil, figure 8 coil, double cone coil,  animal coil, children coil, etc., and can be quickly replaced to meet different application scenarios.

figure 8 coil
TMS coils

Software of YINGCHI TMS

User-Friendly TMS QUICKSTIM Software


Patient’s file creation and save

Protocol creation and save

Built-in protocols

Records patients’ TMS treatment

Generate, print or export reports

New possibilities of stimulation of TMS equipment

TMS equipment

Individual TBS mode: currently the standard TBS is with 50Hz burst frequency. E series makes customized TBS be possible which will be a helpful tool for professionals to tap new possibility in research.
Ramp-up/down intensity and frequency: can set up freely the ramp up/down duration of frequency and intensity, which reduce muscle habituation to the stimulation in rPMS and decrease the discomfort of patients.

Software design for rental devices

The leasing function is only available for devices shipped after May 2022, and the leased devices will be authorized in stages, such as 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.;

During use, you can view the number of authorized days: if the number of authorized days is less than or equal to 5, a prompt window will pop up; after the authorization expires, if you continue to use the device, you need to re-authorize it.

More expansion products of YINGCHI TMS


Sham TMS System

YINGCHI Sham TMS System helps reduce the interference of traditional "placebo effect" on the accuracy of results, which is an optimized overall solution to placebo-controlled studies. The experimental operation and sensory effects of sham TMS and active TMS are kept almost identical in order to achieve a truly randomized, double-blinded studies. It can meet the requirements for accuracy, reliability and consistency of results in clinical and scientific research. It can combine with a 3D navigation system to further improve the repeatability of research.

TMS 3D Navigation System -Quick Vision

TMS 3D Navigation System

YINGCHI TMS 3D navigation system adopts high-precision infrared optical capture technology, which can track and locate the TMS equipment coil with millimeter-level accuracy, visualize the stimulation focused magnetic field on the anatomical image of the personalized brain, and locate the navigation system. Intuitive and easy to use, it can assist operators to quickly complete TMS target location, thereby greatly improving the effect and efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

Complete solution of YINGCHI TMS

Dash Board Control Workstation

Dash Board Control Workstation

QUICKSTIM software is capable of dashboard control from a central workstation or control room. Dashboard control offers Hospitals or Clinical sites with multiple TMS systems, treating large patient numbers who attend within narrow time windows to be scheduled, managed and treated seamlessly. Dashboard saves time and is an excellent management tool.

Combined application technology of YINGCHI TMS

YINGCHI TMS can be used in combination with EEG, fNIRS, fMRI and other technologies to examine patients before treatment, determine TMS equipment treatment prescription, and evaluate the clinical effect of TMS treatment through the above tests after TMS treatment. Subjective reviews are more persuasive.

TMS equipment Combined with EEG

TMS equipment Combined with EEG

The combined application of TMS and EEG is a development trend, which can measure the stimulation site and stimulation conduction of TMS in real time to understand the stimulation effect.Simultaneous recording of EEG-TMS can use the characteristics of EEG at temporal resolution to track the transient changes of neurons .

TMS equipment Combined with fNIRS

TMS equipment Combined with fNIRS

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy estimates hemoglobin (Hb) concentration changes by measuring reflected light based on the difference in absorption spectra between oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin.It can be used to map whole-brain hemoglobin changes away from the site of TMS stimulation.

TMS Combined with fMRI

TMS Combined with fMRI

TMS-fMRI can show the effects of TMS on distal brain regions in different experiments and observe the dynamic connections between brain networks at 100 ms resolution, which is an important achievement in exploring time-specific brain region functional connectivity progress. In the exploration of the interaction between brain regions, TMS-fMRI can evaluate the influence of TMS on the cerebral cortex and the interaction between brain regions, help people understand the neural mechanism behind attention control, and study the processing of the brain on somatosensory; TMS -fMRI can also be used to study the pathogenesis and treatment effects of neurological and psychiatric diseases, and to study the effects of psychoactive compounds on brain regions.

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